The Annex

The Art Center has been in many locations over the years and we have always striven to have a clearly defined space for our shows. Sometimes we have had to carve it out of our gallery space, but for much of the time, we have been able to maintain a separate venue to display our show entries.

After we relocated to The Landing in 2015, we designated two walls of the gallery for our show display. However, we realized that the showpieces weren’t being set off as something special from the rest of the work of our members.


We had a second location at The Landing that we had designated for studio rental and workshops, we made the decision to convert the front room of that space into our show gallery, which we would call The Annex.

As always it takes a lot of effort. The walls weren’t appropriate and there were cosmetic issues as well as the need for slightly more display space. Thankfully with the help of our Building Committee and other TAC volunteers, we built new walls, painted and fixed a number of the cosmetic issues and were able to get the space ready. We also added new color balanced lighting and at the beginning of 2018 opened the Annex for our first show, called “Monumental” in the new space.

The Annex has been a great addition to The Art Center and held some of our favorite shows. We were looking forward to many years in this fantastic space. However, due to the closing of the Landing we were unable to continue in the Annex. But we are excited for a new chapter at The Regency Mall. So henceforth all future shows will be held in our new space #430 Next to JC Penny’s in Regency Square Mall.

Shows held at the Annex: (Click on the photo to see photos/videos)

Monumental Show


Picasso’s kids show in the Annex