photo of Art Center Premier gallery wall with paintings

As a corporation, you understand globalization and the ensuing need for its expression.



One way is through the displaying of art from many different sources allowing the diversity in both your corporation’s workforce and your clients to be reinforced through art. Art reflects diversity and globalization through its medium, style, theme, size, and inspired meanings. Supporting a deliberate effort to collect or sponsor art created by local or regional artists reflects your company’s commitment to its community and honors your corporate culture.

The Art Center offers your corporation the ability to acquire a diversified collation of art from a single source. Our represented artists cross mediums, sizes, and cultures and will meet your specific requirements. We will customize an art collection which complements your image, goals, and culture.

The Art Center offers the ability for your corporation to sponsor an art show or roving art exhibit which can be displayed at your various company locations or within the community. This allows your corporation to celebrate its globalization and diversification sharing art throughout the communities you support. We can assemble an art collection for community showings, roving shows and arrange collections to change seasonally.

Please contact Annelies Dykgraaf to discuss your requirements.