Dear Woodmen 2015

Last month Bob Hunt and I did our demos for the kindergarteners and 2nd graders at Greenland Pines elementary school. The art teacher contacted me and said she had something to give me, so we met today. She handed me a packet and I could see it was from the kids. When I got home I read through them all and got a real chuckle. They had done homemade cards with their sentiments written inside. Here’s a pretty good sampling. The images don’t necessarily go with what that particular artist wrote. Notice that many of the kids were sure to add all the shavings we made, much to the consternation of the teacher, whose room we were in.  You never know what kind of impression you’ll leave.

Ed MaleskyGP 2015 e

Dear Woodmen

Thank you for shaing us hau to mak wood things



Dear Woodmen,

Thank you for techeing us sae abowt trees

from Ellie to. men

GP 2015 cDear Woodmen

Thank you

Thank you


Dear Wood Makrs

Arya thank you

GP 2015 g

Dear Woodmen

Thank you for teling me all abowt trees

frum Olivia

Dear Woodmen

Thank you for I chech ues beuat wood

from Keira

GP 2015 b

Dear Woodmen

I lliket haw you mad stuff


Dear Woodmen

Thank you for shoing us how to cared wood


GP 2015 a

Dear Woodmen

Thank you for teching uss ae how to mac a pen and the plat

Dear men

Thank for shom me haow to stuf


GP 2015 f

Dear Woodmen,

Thank you four teching us lrn how to crv wood

Dear Luke

Dear Woodmen

You are the hard work woodmen Thank you for showing me and my frands houe we make woodin things!

GP 2015 d

Dear Woodmen

Thank you for helpiny us lean how to make wood stuff