Eileen Corse – Featured Guest Artist

“Artist, Eileen Corse, accomplished, both as an artist and as a businesswoman,”  Lesley Long, collector.

Although Eileen Corse set out to paint a very familiar genre, she was determined to paint in such a way that her works would be unique and recognizable.  Achieving her goal, Corse’s “Water” series of paintings are unique, individual, and recognizable–everything an artist strives for in a body of work. 

Quoted from The Scout Magazine, Charleston:  “Think the pool paintings of David Hockney, done in a painterly, choppy and impressionistic style that harkens back to the impressionists. There’s something utterly contemporary about the bathing-suit-clad figures Eileen Corse paints”. 

Painting impasto and alla prima, Corse’s paintings are alive with movement.  Her most recent series, Water, includes a grouping of paintings of people having fun at the beach or pool.