NENA TAHIL: MOSH Arts Infusion Program, ImagiNature

Join Nena Tahil as she expresses her thoughts about and gives thanks to the oldest resident of Jacksonville, the Treaty Oak, through her silk paintings – Twilight Tales under the Treaty Oak.  Ms. Tahil specially created the triptych for Museum of Science & History (MOSH)’s Arts Infusion Program 2017 theme, ImagiNature, which celebrates the centennial of the National Park Service.

Twilight Tales under the Treaty Oak will be displayed in the MOSH lobby from December 16, 2017 through Thursday, January 25, 2018.  For more information about the art, contact the artist at  For MOSH visiting hours, go to

Ms. Tahil believes in the inter-connectedness of physical and mental experiences and the impact on our lives.  She talks about her view on Nature and ART –“Art is Nature, Nature is Art.  It is not just what we see, it is how we see it. Art is about opening up to new possibilities. Art is an adventure. When integrating Nature and Art, one accepts the beauty of what was, what is and what could be. When contemplating the blessings of Nature, accept alternative possibilities and potentials and experience the power of new perspectives. Experience metamorphosis.”

Ms. Tahil recounts her rediscovery of the wonder of Nature and of herself as she created her work for the MOSH.  The Treaty Oak’s resilience, growth, grace and quiet elegance are life lessons.  She believes that these qualities that Nature embodies are essential elements that support the transformation process.

She challenges MOSH visitors to reflect on their experiences with Nature as they view her paintings.  She suggests visiting the Treaty Oak –  located in the Jessie Ball DuPont Park, a short walk from the museum. She asks, “When you fully experience Nature, what gifts will you accept, what stories will you tell, how will you be transformed?”

Nena Tahil is a recent Florida resident.  After earning a Master in Public Health degree from Columbia University and a successful career in the health industry, Nena has dedicated the next phase of her life to advocating for mental wellness and closing the gap between the disparity of physical and mental health. She is a recent graduate of UNF’s Masters of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling program. Nena believes that creativity is an essential element to self-discovery and individuation. A portion of the proceeds from sales of her work support mental health awareness in the Jacksonville community.

Image: Twilight Tales under the Treaty Oak, silk dyes, acrylic paint, leaves and branches (from the Treaty Oak), and transparencies of vintage Jacksonville on habotai silk. 24 x 48 inches (unframed) each of 3 painting, courtesy of Nena Tahil.

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