Paco Gutierrez

photo of abstract painting


primary medium: Oil

additional media: Acrylic

Approaching multidimensional concepts in a 2-D media and arriving at an effect that transcends the limitations of the 2 dimensions, is one of the things that I am striving for in my abstracts. It is important to create, in an expressionistic idiom, an exciting juxtaposition of shapes and movements with executions of tonal transitions that complement and contrast with each other.

I try to defy the concepts of space and depth as we perceive them in the 3-D world and redefine these concepts as they relate to my images. My images are currently a flow of shapes and colors from one end of the canvas to the other and exist in a dimension all their own, where there are no conventional directions and where the space within is constantly changing.

The flow of colors and shapes is limited by areas of neutral color which define the overall shape of the monochromatic mass. I am always striving to get lost in minute details that can only be appreciated up close and still retain the wholeness when seen from a distance. I want to gravitate towards the minimal in future works.

Born in Havana, Cuba. Moved to the U.S. when I was 13 yrs old. Finished H.S. and went to study at the University of Salamanca in Spain. Finished my M.F.A. (Masters) at Emporia State University in Kansas. Have lived in the Northwest, Midwest and on the east coast of the U.S. and have been living in Florida for a couple of decades. Have shown in galleries in Miami, Kansas and Long Island, N.Y. as well as in different galleries in Northeast Florida, most recently at the Art Center (TAC) and at Avondale Artworks. Besides oil paintings on canvas, I have done mural work (such as in the model Children’s unit at North East Florida State Hospital and 13 wall graphics at the then new international arrivals wing at J.I.A.). I returned to painting again about 4 years ago after working more than 20 yrs in the corporate world.