Jacquelyn Pfaff-Pratt

Jacquelyn Pfaff-Pratt has had a lifelong interest in the arts.  As early as sixth grade Jackie knew she wanted to be an artist and was determined to do what it took to achieve her goal.
She spent 32 years of her adult life in a classroom teaching her love of art to her students.  Upon retiring, Working hard at perfecting her skill and techniques.
A major life change had her moving to Maryland and after 7 years back to Florida. During this time she continued to focus on her dream of becoming an artist.
Jackie believes that Jacksonville will be her home from now on. As she is enchanted by the scenery and light in Florida, along with the warm weather.
Jackie works mostly with oils and her subject matter is a mix of florals, still life, figurative and Plein Air.

To contact Jacquelyn: pfaffpratt@msn.com